Sunday, June 6, 2010

2.1 Thinking about location

The first aspect of this exercise was to find and photograph 6 differing locations as backdrops for a whole body or torso shot.  For this I was looking for visually interesting backgrounds, but not too interesting, the object being portraiture, not landscape.  The following 6 images were all taken within a kilometer of my home and so benefit from being easily accessible.  All images were taken with my 135mm prime, the lens I would most likely use for the actual portrait meaning that the framing and perspective should be preserved for the actual shoot.

1. Quirky

This background combines a simple white background with a single very colorful inclusion.  The arrow on the sign adds an element of quirkiness, implying no parking, i.e. do not stand here.  There is enough negative space for a head and torso shot, but there is the risk that the sign will dominate the composition.

2. Park Bench

This is a very simple location, offering a good prop for the model to sit on and a diffuse background.  I like this for the simplicity and the fact that the hedge is far enough back to be thrown into blur in the portrait.  This image was also taken at f/4.5, for the portrait I can go as wide as f/2 to increase the bokeh.

3. Flowers

This very colorful background would need very careful choice of clothing for the model to avoid confusion in the image.  It has possibilities, but would need very careful framing to avoid the background overwhelming the subject.  Not sure about this one.

4. Urban Street

A newly built road system has created a few locations that combine a very modern steel construct with large amounts of space between foreground and background.  This would be a good location for a full body shot, with a very diffuse but identifiable background.

5. Modern Development

Similar to the last shot, but structured very differently, this simple rail is located on top of a building with another quite a distance behind.  Once again the idea is to use a simple foreground with a more complex, but out of focus background.

6. Subway Station

Another element in the urban landscape is the subway station.  This offers many different ideas for backgrounds with the sweeping stairs and railway lines, however, the very limited lighting makes for a challenging shot.

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