Monday, June 7, 2010

2.2 Thinking about location

Having completed my location hunt I reviewed the images back on my computer and selected the park bench.  My reasons are two fold, first of all the location offered a good negative space background, but with some colour and texture, secondly a bench enabled a seated pose for the photo.

I have created two final images from this session, the first is a head and shoulders shot, bordering on a torso shot:

135mm, f/2, 1/2000, ISO 400

In this image the background blends as a texture, bu is still recognizable as foliage, adding to the image without dominating.  I also selected a wide open aperture of f/2 on my 135mm prime to accentuate this effect.  The ISO is too high and reflects the fact that I was also using this session for the next exercise and was moving from artificial light, to shade, then Sun.  However, ISO 400 on my 5D2 looks pretty much the same as ISO 100 on my older 40D and other than the fact that I pursue the highest image quality possible I could leave the camera at this setting and get more than acceptable results.

To take further advantage of the location and include the bench in the image, I made the following full body shot:

135mm, f/2, 1/3000, ISO 400

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