Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Assignment 2: Explaining the Activity

So far I have edited  down from over 800 images to 112, the next step is to much reduce this number and start to put images into buckets for presentation.  To that end I have created 3 sub-categories and selected 12 images in each

  1. Explaining the event - images that strongly suggest the nature of the event, i.e. a gay rights parade
  2. Telling Moments - images that capture interaction, gesture, and expression
  3. Portraits - I have taken the liberty of adding a 3rd category of candid or semi-posed portraits, which sit somewhere between the two earlier categories
In this entry I am presenting the first group "Explaining the activity", together with a few notes on each image

A simple crowd shot, showing a group of people waiting for the parade to come by.  I like the interaction of the group on the right and the single cool guy smoking on the left

This group was titles the "Dykes on Bikes", a gay motorcycle group.  The biker on the right is particularly striking, but what makes this image is the interaction going on in the second row - clearly a lot of fun is being had.  Very likely to be in my final selection

I like the juxtaposition of the transvestite and the two guys behind, slightly out of focus.  The image is improved by the irony of the 3 letters on the wall "sau", the German word for a female pig, something the more conservative in the Munich population might be thinking.  Furthermore this sign is part of the word "sauter" and is Munich's largest and best professional camera dealer!

Just two guys having a laugh, they will appear again later.  What I like here is the juxtaposition of the traditional Lederhosen with the madly coloured feathers.  Almost every man in South Germany has a pair and they are seen as manly, perhaps not so with the British

This traditional dance group also carry the Lederhosen theme further.  Unfortunately I did not get a good photo of them, although I did try a few times.

Les Mamas, another lay on words, all female couples, all with kids

One of my favorite subjects, this poor grand dame was visibly wilting at this stage in the parade, and that coupled with the loud boisterous group behind made for a rather sad sight

Just having fun

Well, nakedness in Germany is not considered much of an issue

This is another image that is likely to make my final selection.  It captures the energy of the event and provides a neat juxtaposition between the parade and the elegant buildings behind.  The pink gloved hands in the foreground add to the dynamic of the image

Riding on the bonnet of a Cadillac, iconic!

Another image that might well make the final selection, these three girls (reall one this time), literally stopped traffic and grabbed everyones attention.  This was a grab shot, no time to think as they swept by

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