Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Assignment 2: Telling Moments

I really was not sure if this guy was really angry with the parade or simply some kind of satirical reflection on religion, in any case he followed the parade and made an interesting subject

The look from the lady in the background makes this image

What a dress and a rare chance to ctach this guy when he is not in pull pose

I really like this one, the two guys look very natural, bored even, contrasting with the outrageous pink

Don't mess with me, even if I am wearing wings

Looking really tired now, having walked several miles in that outfit

Another probable, the look this couple are sharing conveys strong affection contrasting with the insane Aztec inspired costumes

Directing the traffic

Part of a gay dance group, these guys waltzed down the road

I am drawn to the absurdity of this image, however, unlikely to add it to my final collection

This is a real "what the f***" look, a true moment

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