Monday, November 1, 2010

Assignment 5: First Thoughts

An ongoing theme in my photography for this and my previous course has been the use of Munich's underground railway network to create thought provoking images.  For assignment 5 I plan to construct a brief for the assignment based around creating a series of images for the network.  The current concept would be to produce 12 photographs for use in an advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of the network among foreign visitors.  The advertising could be print or web, supplemented by posters in the arrival area of the airport encouraging visitors to use public transport rather than hire a car.

The brief would contain either themes or slogans that would need to be illustrated photographically.  I would also plan to create simple mock-ups of the concepts - I have limited design skills so this would be quite basic.  An example might be the following:

I need some time to think about this more before starting on any photography, however, I spent some time today with Heidi brainstorming the concept.  We have both worked in marketing so this is not new to us, although the subject matter is.

1. Words - that might be associated with the network

Modern Sleek

2. Themes - around which I could build a portfolio of images

Food and Shopping
Entertainment (street)
Above ground, where the line takes you

3. First Slogans

On the Move
Go the Distance
Going Underground
Colour your Journey
Guide Your Visit
Informed Decisions

Photographically this offers many opportunities, the network is very diverse and often colourful.  I can image the people, the rolling stock, and the architecture above and below ground.  The downside is that I suspect this is probably illegal, but the risk is low that I would encounter serious trouble.  There is no signposting and tourists take a lot of photographs in the system.  

I have been thinking about this for some time and even acquired a small book providing a guide to the network to use as a visual reference

Muenchen U-bahn Album: All Munich Metro Stations in Colour (Urban Transport in Germany)

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