Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Assignment 5: Above Ground

As well as shooting in the tunnels and stations of the U-Bahn, I also wanted to capture some images of the subway signs juxtaposed with the above ground architecture of the city, a model frequently used in London Transport posters.  The concept here would be to show where the system can take you or what it might help you to avoid.  The following photographs were taken, over the 2 weeks preceding Christmas and so the Christmas theme is very much evident.

Once again I will let the pictures do most of the talking:

This is Odeons Platz:

Munich's equivalent of Fortnum and Mason - Dallmeiers


I also thought of doing some close ups with the lights:

This is an alternative that I deliberately defocused and rather like - the theme would be "If the World looks like this we'll get you home"

Back underground, these are smaller signs in a shopping center

Passing back through the Marienplatz station:

Returning to similar locations, but a little earlier in the day, the light is very different:

Later on I tried a few images in and around the Christmas markets - difficult to get right as the signs are higher than the vantage points I have access to:

Well that's it for the shooting at present.  The question now is whether I have 8 or so images that are strong enough to make a good set and for which I can work up  posters with strong narrative themes.  I suspect, yes, but that will take a little time to finalize.

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