Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Assignment 5: U3 and U6 North

BAH, Humbug - Christmas has seriously got in the way of progress on this assignment.  I now have a due date in 3 days, so time to press on.  In fact I have done much of the photography needed for completion, perhaps even all of it.  I have simply not been updating my blog due to travel and other considerations.

A few weeks ago on the 3rd December, I had another day traveling the subway camera in hand.  This time I headed North along the U1, U3 and U6.  I seem to be drawn to these lines, I suspect because they are the busiest and most recently modernized for the world cup.  On this trip my focus was once again upon the architecture and perspective of these modern caves, but with a slightly greater emphasis on the travelers within the system.

I started at Munchener Freiheit on the U3/U6, looking for some images of the food stands at what is normally a very busy late night spot.  I wanted to avoid a focus on the architecture, as this has already been a feature of a previous assignment:

U3 - Oberwiesenfeld

This very colorful station, primarily caught my eye as a result of the lady with the baby buggy, offers some narrative potential

U3/U1 Olympia Einkaufszentrum

This station is a land of dramatic perspectives and bold primary colours

U1 - Georg-Brauchle-Ring

Another very colourful station, but with a strange boxy shape

U1 - Westfriedhof

By far my favorite of all the stations, the strange overhead lighting adds an otherworldly atmosphere to the place, picking people out of the gloom.

I also explored the above ground possibilities offered by the juxtaposition of subway signs with the city landscape.  First of all a very seasonal piece:

Finally I headed home via Marienplatz stopping on the way for the following capture:

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