Thursday, September 9, 2010

Assignment 3.11 Museum Architecture Study

During my weekend visit to the Brandhorst museum I decided to do a brief study of the buildings that make up the art museum complex. In a single area are four world class art museums, each displaying a distinctive genre and period of art, but also exhibiting very striking architecture.  I took some time to walk around the buildings and look for scenes that captured the structure and colour of the buildings.  For this I placed my camera on a tripod and used a 24mm Tilt-Shift lens to ensure correct perspective and to capture as high a level of detail as possible through a fairly narrow aperture of f/11.

The day was cool for September with very clear air and a bright blue sky broken by the occasional cloud or aircraft vapor trail.  Here are the photo's

Alte Pinakothek - Art from 15th-18th century

Neue Pinakothek - 19th Century Paintings

Pinakothek der Moderne - 20th/21st Century Art, Design, and Architecture

Brandhorst Museum - Privately Owned Modern Art Collection

Apologies for the saturation of these images, I got carried away with the depth of colour and contrast, they work for me, but perhaps not for all.

Although, I think architectural photography is not generally seen as an art form, I am very much attracted to it and over time would like to capture many of Munich's incredible variety of buildings ranging from the medieval to the modern.  Perhaps creating a typography of different types of building.

I am unlikely in the near term to use a medium format or view camera, due to lack of facilities for developing and printing, however, the slow pace of using a manual focus lens in combination with a tripod mounted camera has some of the work flow of such larger format cameras.  When I use this lens I take far fewer photographs, but come away with a massively higher ratio of worthy images.  This was a significant investment and even though I only use the lens sparingly, it has generated some of my best images.  The downside is that they are often quite static.  The requirement of a tripod makes using this lens in a busy environment too difficult and is often not permitted.

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