Friday, September 17, 2010

Assignment 3.15 Tram Station

After I had spent an hour or so underground photographing the Muenchener Freiheit UBahn station I walked up to the surface to meet my wife and find somewhere to eat.  As I had around 15 minutes to kill I decided to do a quick photo study of the new Tram station that has been built above the subway station, part of a new transport integration project.  The tram station is another quite unique sytlish building, but quite difficult to photograph as it is simply a roof sitting on a series of columns:

The building is supported on columns with a tri-fold symmetry, a symmetry which is reflected throughout the station:

The columns really define the look of the station, which together with the open nature makes it also very bright and creates a non-threatening space:

This is the exit from the underground station into the tram station

The use case is of course a station:

An intriguing building, but one that is difficult to effectively photograph, simply due to the amount of open space

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