Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Assignment 3.9 The Hofgarten

Adjacent to Odeons Plaz and the Feldherrnhalle, is the Hofgarten a formal garden enclosed within the walls of the Munich Residenz, the royal palace.  This is stretching the definition of building considerably, although this is a heavily used space created by the positioning of buildings and even containing one or two man made structures.  I did not plan to photograph in the Hofgarten and was heading towards a nearby Subway station, when I decided to wander in and look around.  I have already used this location extensively during the AoP course, although much of that was at dawn in freezing conditions.  It was quite a pleasure to revisit on a warm sunny afternoon.

The Hofgarten is another haven from the noise and activity of the modern city and contains a number of distinct areas; a small beergarden, entrances to a Museum and Concert Hall, a formal garden arranged around a domed structure, and terraces leading down to the main law court to name a few.  It also juxtaposes very modern and very old architecture together with a mature trees and in the West a striking skyline formed by the Theatinerkirche.

Entering through the main gate a row of lamp posts greets you

Behind the man standing to the right a couple of guys were taking a break, although I cannot believe that this was very comfortable

Just opposite was the beer garden and this is where I would have waited for someone if needed

Equally, nearby benches would also have provided a little more comfort

and as they were close to the central pavilion music to sooth the soul

Another great use of this space is provided by the graveled walkways, this is Munich's home for playing Boules:

Returning back in the direction of the tube station I passed the Tambosi cafe, a very fashionable place to sit and watch the world walking by

This was more street than building photography, however, as I work through these different short photo essays I am developing my ideas of where I think I will focus my attention.  I would like to include a multiple-use space such as the Hofgarten, but perhaps it would be better to find a more heavily "built" environment in which to work.

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