Monday, September 6, 2010

Assignment 3.4 Main Station

A great location for taking photographs, the Munich Hauptbahnhof is always alive with people.  It is a classic terminus stations, meaning that multiple tracks all come together and can be accessed from ground level.  Beyond the tracks lies all the infrastructure of a modern station, selling tickets and providing food and drink for travelers.

Arriving at the station from the subway this is the view that greets the traveler (I have a thing for escalators):

Walking into the station

and then heading up some stairs overlooking the tracks

I then moved onto one of the platforms and captured a shot juxtaposing a high speed train with new arrivals

Turning around the view back to the main station concourse:

Entering the station:

This was a short visit to scout out the location and get an idea of the possibilities.  I am not sure, the colour and movement attract me, however, I am not sure how I would capture the "use" of the station without referring to cliches.  This will be a problem throughout this assignment.

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