Thursday, September 9, 2010

Assignment 3.12 Subway Revisited

In 3.3 Heidi and I created a fictional use case of victim and mugger within an underpass near to where we live.  This was a bit of fun and an experiment in adding a degree of play acting to the development of ideas for assignment 3.  When I first came up with the idea of adding an underpass to the set it was when passing the following street corner

The darkness of the underpass contrasting with the blue sky deepened the sense of threat.  A week later I returned to take photographs underground, but this time without direct human presence in the images.  I wanted to imply rather than present.  In the following photographs I have selectively darkened and lightened the images with the aim of maintaining consistency of lighting and capturing the dirt and grime of the tunnel.

First of all I wanted a shot that would deter anyone from entering the darkness at the foot of these stairs

However, when I went down the steps and turned the corner I found the following group of discarded objects, almost arranged as a still life, but not by me! The empty pair of trousers ask questions that align to the fear of the dark and unknown that an underpass can caste in any mind.

These objects were at the beginning of the tunnel

Graffiti covered any painted surfaces, this door is part way along the tunnel and is probably an escape route from the subway lines that lie deep below the road this underpass cuts under

Finally at the end of the underpass light shines from the world above

and turning the corner again blue sky greets us

Perhaps not the most threatening place I could photograph, but certainly somewhere to hurry through and not hang around.

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