Thursday, September 30, 2010

Assignment 3: Feedback

This was the hardest photographic work I have done so far, stretching my creativity, technical skills, and persistence in the face of authority.  For nearly a month virtually all of my free time was spent searching for good locations and then doing comprehensive photographic explorations, followed by substantial sorting and editing.  During this assignment for the first time in the course I started to feel the germination of what in time might become a personal style or at least a distinct preference for subject matter.  The urban environment and all who live in it.  What this style might become, I am not sure, recently I blogged about landscape versus documentary and the fact that both can converge in street photography, whether spontaneous or planned.

It was thus very gratifying to get such a comprehensive assessment of this image set and very strongly favorable remarks:

  • "My first, general impression of your images as a group is of subjects containing buildings which are examples of minimal, exciting contemporary style which are made more credible and practicable by the inclusion of people actually using and habiting their space.  Your commentary is, in my opinion, exceptionally good with not only the exposure data but also a very full description of the building and your method and in some cases your opinion of the result."
None of the images were really criticized to the extent that I would want to make any changes, as I have done in Assignment 2.  Alan suggested Andreas Gursky as inspiration for some images and this was very much the case, his work gets to me in a way I do not find easy to explain.  Jeff Wall, I am still not sure about, I really like his work, but the attention to detail is beyond me at the moment, maybe later and with some help from my friends a Jeff Wall style tableau would be an interesting challenge to construct.

Onwards to assignment 4.  Andreas Gursky!

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