Saturday, October 2, 2010

22. Adjusting the balance between person and space

First task for this exercise was to find a definable space that would fill and empty with people.  I have selected an underpass that connects multiple streets with a subway station.  The first image in the sequence shows the space almost empty of people, just a few figures in the background:

Once people enter the frame the balance of attention moves from the background to the foreground as we attempt to follow the flow of people through the image.  This was hand held and so the framing alters a little with each shot

With the final shot the space nearly empties again, in fact it never became completely empty while I was there

This was an odd exercise, not quite sure what the learning was, I instinctively follow people into and out of the viewfinder shooting at different times to manage where people reside in the frame.  How a space fills with people is very important, but perhaps something we should already understand after doing assignment 3.  Sorry, for the grump, too much blogging today, time to stop and go take more photographs.

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