Sunday, October 3, 2010

Assignment 4: Sunday 3rd October

One of those bizarre days in Germany a major public holiday today, reunification day, but falling on a Sunday so no day off.  At least this is better than when it falls on a Saturday and the shops close to compound the insult.  However, the weather gods were smiling and a superb Autumn blue sky dominates the city.  As the temperature headed over 20 degrees the populace hit the parks and the river bank to soak up the sun and enjoy a beer or two.  For me, no beer, but a chance for a different look to my Haidhausen photographs.  This is my last day to work on the assignment for 2 weeks as I am going to traveling during the week and over the weekend.

The blue sky called for a revisit to the river to try and capture some more landscape style images of the Volksbad.  I also opted to switch to a wider 17-40mm zoom than the 24-70 I used yesterday.  I also added a polarization filter to the lens as the glare from the river would be very strong, but also to deepen the blue of the skies.  To a degree this looks overdone and I may have to rethink the processing.

Off the river this is the view looking up the hill towards the red brick Gasteig concert hall

Back on the river, I walked back to the foot bridge connecting Haidhausen to the city center

Then crossing the bridge:

Turning to shoot into the sun:

The view from the Haidhausen bank of the river back towards the city center


Leaving the river I opted to walk through Wiener Platz looking for some street photography opportunities

Well that's it for a while - the variety and content so far are OK, but I feel there is much to do and am guessing I will need another 2 or 3 weekends to complete this assignment.

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