Sunday, October 3, 2010

Assignment 4: Saturday 2nd October

Busy day today, managed to get out of the house twice with my camera.  This time I left the tripod and tilt shift behind, opting for a "lighter" kit of my 24-70mm and 5D.  The skies were still grey, but the denser cloud meant that the brightness had a dropped a little and contrast is better in the images.  I was a little lazy and so took public transport to Max Weber Platz with intent to walk along the river and capture some landscape shots.

First of all I had to head through Wiener Platz past the Cafe bearing its name and through the beer garden which on a cold day looked sadly forlorn:

Heading down to the river I passed the Bavarian Parliament, an odd building that I cannot decide if i like or loath, anyway they are having an open day in two weeks time, so I may get a chance for a closer look:

Crossing the river, the quality of light is strange, but supports taking photographs that balance sky and landscape.  I exposed for the sky and then lightened by about half a stop, this left the trees dark and required some brightening in Lightroom:

There is a pedestrian walkway running down the middle of the river actually over a weir.  On one side the run runs naturally on the other it runs through an artificial channel and is kept deep:

On an island in the river, an Oktoberfest victim sleeps off the beer.  At this time of the year people can be found sleeping rough all over the city.  Hotels are very expensive during the fest and many people come unprepared:

On the Haidhausen side of the river is the Volksbad, a late 19th century swimming pool housed in a very elegant building, very much a feature of Haidhausen's landscape:

Heading up the hill the following photographs are from a public area behind the block of flats where Heidi and I used to live.  All over Munich residential areas frequently hide unusual and beautiful spaces set aside for relaxation and simply to allow the people to breath:

I am interested also in the juxtaposition of public transport with the streets, the trams in particular make an interesting site as they trundle through otherwise pedestrian areas:

Just behind Max Weber Platz I found some street life

And a small photography course:

And finally for today, a kid roller skates past one of the districts churches:

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