Saturday, October 30, 2010

Assignment 4: Friday 29th October

This was my 7th and I now think last exploration of Haidhausen looking for images to include in Assignment 4.  This time rather than simply look for scenic stuff that worked with the theme I am developing, I was looking to very specifically look at 3 possible photographs, each of which would be an improvement or variation on existing images, the river bank but with Autumn foliage, the Volksbad with a soft blue Autumn sky, and a different view on the fruit stand.

Couldn't resist this one, has nothing to do with the assignment, and no matter how much I dislike highly pictorial images, Autumn is now blazing and this simply screamed photograph.

Although I have not included this bridge in my current thoughts, this is the main artery between the city and the East bank of the river.  Selecting the angle carefully all that can be seen is the bridge amongst the trees.  When Munich was rebuilt after the devastation brought by the USAAF and RAF trees were central to the redevelopment of the city:

Turning towards the Volksbad, I tried shooting into the Sun, this caused a lot of flare in the lens which I have cloned out:

Unfortunately the Sun was already too low and shadows were starting to encroach on the Volksbad, this was the best I could do:

Heading back up the hill the following two shots are of the Gasteig, firstly from the bottom of the hill and then within the building complex.  I wanted to include this building in my submission, but have not found an angle or portrayal that works for me:

Heading now into the districts heart I stopped by the church featured earlier and tries a few images amongst the residential streets:

Finally I arrived at my destination, the fruit store.  This is the best of a sequence, but on comparison with the image already selected, it is not as good, the colour saturation is poorer amongst other things.

As I stated at the start of this blog post, I think I am done now with the shooting part of this assignment,  even re-shooting existing images I am seeing no improvement.  It is time to sit back and study what I have achieved with a view to writing up the assignment.

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