Saturday, October 30, 2010

Assignment 4: Thursday 21st October

A long day sitting in front of my desk looking out at soft golden Autumn light, deeply frustrating.  My final call of the day dragged on and the sun got lower and lower, finally it was over and I raced down to the river to try and capture the last of the evening light - too late!  The sun was already too low and all that was illuminated were the tree tops and higher buildings, not enough light for the scenic images of the Haidhausen river bank that I had in mind.  However, I made the best of the conditions and decided to focus on detail rather than the big picture, using a 70-200mm lens.

Whilst there are a couple of nice shots here, none of them really work into the theme that I am planning for this assignment and so cannot consider this to have been a success.

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