Saturday, October 2, 2010

Assignment 4: Saturday 2nd October

Another day another photographic adventure, although today was not the greatest.  A heavily overcast sky is removing all of the contrast from the world and most photographs I have taken are very flat.  This time I headed back to have another go at the station, no real luck there, and then wandered through the shopping area to grab a tram to take me to the Paulaner Brewery where some interesting possibilities can be found.  Once again I am only using my 24mm tilt-shift on the 5D and all images are tripod mounted.

First of all another couple of railway station images

Opposite the station is a small hotel and immediately the grey sky is very heavy in the scene, although in many circumstances a grey sky adds a different mood to a photo, especially in the city:

Walking through the shopping streets, I was looking for juxtapositions of people and stores, somehow the more bland the shop the better:

Another couple of images of Haidhausen's French style public squares:

Then on into the pedestrian area, richer pickings here:

Jumping on the tram to go grab some beer themed images, I get off the tram at the Ostfriedhof:

This is the famous Paulaner Brewery:

Opposite is my target for the mornings mission, the storage area for empty beer barrels and bottles:

At this point I tried a quick panorama shot attempting to emulate Gursky:

Next to the empties storage something large is being built, judging by the cranes:

Finally opposite the empties was this beautifully painted traditional apartment building

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